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We’ve built® for you to take advantage of the latest trading technologies and to offer you quality educational trading products and services. The commitment you make to your own trading education today can make a big difference in your success as a trader in the future. Browse this website and you’ll see this is a one-of-a-kind trading educational site that you cannot afford to miss.


This website is a window into the vibrancy, energy, and excitement of the world of trading. You'll discover in moving through this website that® means business with unparalleled service and quality. Our mindset here is that failure is not an option and it pays to be a winner!


The array of products and services that® offers has no parallel in financial trading education. We hope that you enjoy your visit to the® website and that it moves you to be the best trader you can be. Trade Well!

Bennett and Jean Mcdowell Drew Brugal and Bennett McDowell®, Inc. is a company that provides educational services for traders of the financial markets.

The® philosophy is that failure is not an option and to it pays to be a winner!® provides the highest quality educational trading products and services to clients around the world.


Our trading advice is strictly educational and is grounded in a sophisticated understanding of the markets, money management, risk control, computers, and trading software. We are leaders in our field. Our unique approach to trading has built a track record of satisfied clients. We are highly responsive to our clients, and dedicated in the pursuit of their interests and goals. We understand how solid, sound advice with quality trading products creates value for our clients. We do create value.® was created in 1999 and incorporated in 2000 in the state of California.® is a company you can count on to deliver results. We pride ourselves as being a professional educational trading organization, trading system developer, and helping serious traders improve their trading skills.

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"I know it's only my first day, I know all about "beginners luck" so all I will say is 4 ES trades today, using only "P" Signals (no counter-trend trades) and I have been profitable on all 4 for 11 ES points (last trade still open). Imagine if I knew what I was doing!"

Joseph D.,

Morristown, NJ® is also proud to have earned the confidence of some of the world's most demanding traders, in many cases based on relationships that extend over years. Our advice is sought internationally and we respect the privacy of our clients.


We are not part of a large commercialized marketing group, instead® is a proprietary trading firm. We employ a strict approach to professional speculation, technical analysis, and apply specific risk-management in all trading markets and time-frames. We are here to provide traders with educational support and a place to access quality trading products and services such as our featured home study course Applied Reality Trading® (also known as ART®), the ART® Charting Software with our proprietary "Pyramid Trading Point®" indicator and "ART® Reversals", The Trader's Assistant™, Trade Size Calculator™ PC Software, Private Coaching, and in-person Tutorials.

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"Thank you for the "Cookietree" gourmet-fudge-brownies- the gesture is sincerely appreciated. You guys (Jean & Bennett) are a class act... Thanks again."

Nestor D.,

New York, NY

"Excellent products, they work! Great customer service. You are honest and trustworthy and can be depended upon. Glad I am a part of the Traderscoach family. In for the long haul. Everything is working great."

Bob K., Muncie, IN USA

October 2017