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When was® established?

The concept and planning for® began in the mid 1990's and the company was incorporated in 1999 in the state of California.

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What is the goal and purpose of®?® provides high quality educational products and services for financial traders and investors. The purpose of® is to help you align your personal psychology with that of a sound trading system, and to mold your psychology into that of a winning trader. With so much hype in the trading business,® is here to offer sound, solid trading support.® believes in providing the best customer service available. We pride ourselves in being a trading system developer and strive to help serious traders improve their trading skills.® is also proud to have earned the confidence of some of the world's most demanding traders, in many cases based on relationships that extend over years. Our advice is sought internationally and we respect the privacy of our clients.

How can® help me?

In addition to finding quality educational trading products and services, you need somewhere to go for sound, objective, and comprehensive one-on-one help with your trading.® was created by a trader that knows what other traders experience in the Markets, both from a psychological standpoint as well as a technical one. We speak your language and our trading products, as well as, our Consultation/Coaching services are designed to give you support, objective feedback, and a realistic approach to trading.


This adds up to a shorter learning curve for you, less money spent on trading products not needed, and guidance towards a sound trading approach with emphasis on risk control and money management. For new traders just starting out, this means learning solid trading skills with less of a chance of "going bust", so to speak, in the Markets. Trading is a profession that takes time to master. With quality guidance and expertise, you can achieve these skills in a shorter time period while preserving your capital.

"You are one of the best companies I have ever dealt with. Your products and services are great. God bless you and your family, and although a bit further out, have a very happy Thanks Giving. Best personal regards."

Medhat I.,

Giza, Egypt

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"Excellent products, they work! Great customer service. You are honest and trustworthy and can be depended upon. Glad I am a part of the Traderscoach family. In for the long haul. Everything is working great."

Bob K., Muncie, IN USA

October 2017