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OWL, PTF, TLM, & ERI Enhancers Improve Your Trading Odds offers trading enhancers that will help increase your odds of successful trading. They will enhance any trading system by filtering to find the best trade.

Check out three of the software filters that we have available to enhance your trading.

•   Optimum Wave Locator (OWL)

•   Precision Trend Filter (PTF)

•   TrendLine Master (TLM)

•   Emotional Reader Index (ERI)

Software Enhancers

•   OWL - locates and labels major trade-able waves in markets for the highest profit in

     the least amount of time

•   PTF - establishes when there is a high probability that the market will make either

     higher highs or lower lows

•   TLM - automatically draws the right trend lines onto your charts and will boost profits

     when paired with your trading systems

How do the Enhancers help you?

"The OWL Indicator is super cool. I'm already seeing so many possibilities by following the day to day change in the histogram. You could build a system around it. With ART, there has to be over a million ways to trade. Crazy. Now, I'll never be able to sleep. LOL."

Mark B.



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"Excellent products, they work! Great customer service. You are honest and trustworthy and can be depended upon. Glad I am a part of the Traderscoach family. In for the long haul. Everything is working great."


Bob K., Muncie, IN USA

October 2017