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"I just wanted to thank you for all of the help you gave me as my trading coach. You helped me develop a trading plan using the ART Trading System with the Elliott Waves to trade the Forex markets – Powerful Combination. You showed me on how to analyze a chart from a trader’s point of view and most importantly taught me when to trade and when not to trade. Some of the concepts were hard to understand but you explained difficult concepts with ease and understanding. Having a coach is a great confidence builder because you never enter a trade with any doubt and confusion. Thanks." -Vinko N., San Pedro, CA

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"The OWL Indicator is super cool. I'm already seeing so many possibilities by following the day to day change in the histogram. You could build a system around it. With ART, there has to be over a million ways to trade. Crazy. Now, I'll never be able to sleep. LOL."

Mark B., Washington

"I've been using ART past week and have not had a losing day !!! There are wins and losses but EOD am Positive, I like to attend ART seminars/webinars in future, whenever they are held if travel conditions permit ( I'm outside of USA !!)"

M.J., Dubai, U.A.E.


"And I am surprised and in awe of the level of mindful, friendly and spontaneous helpfulness from Traderscoach team.  Sincerely, you are the best! You beat them all!"

Paul M., Kelowna, Canada


"Got ‘em all installed with no problem and is really fascinating to see it in action. In addition to an unexpected appearance this morning I have seen Bennett on the Trade Station 9 a.m. Wednesday morning program for several months. Please pass on to him that in my professional opinion he is a very good presenter, instructor, and coach – trifecta in his own right if you will – as I’ve also read this is not the first time he has heard the same message."

Ben L., Raleigh, NC

"You not only respond to my questions in an amazingly quick fashion but you LISTEN to my questions and needs. The Trader's Assistant Money Management book has already help me save many hundreds of dollars and is the best foundation for trading that anyone could ask for."

Robert M., Hardy, VA USA

April 8, 2018


“Mark [ Software Engineer at Customer Service] assisted me with reinstalling software. He was excellent and fast. I recently had a billing issue that was quickly fixed. The MOR [Market Opportunity Report subscription] service is excellent and the weekly educational webinars are great. I normally have to the recorded version but they really help in learning the software. Normally when you buy software you receive a manual and you are on your own. Bennett devotes an hour each week to education. The value of this free education pays for the software in no time.”

James W., Bountiful, UT, USA

January 2018


"I know it's only my first day, I know all about "beginners luck" so all I will say is 4 ES trades today, using only "P" Signals (no counter-trend trades) and I have been profitable on all 4 for 11 ES points (last trade still open). Imagine if I knew what I was doing!"

Joseph D., Morristown, NJ, USA

March 2015


"Good morning, Bennett. It is an amazing tool (TrendLine Master-TLM): the way that most of the times the price kicks back from the longer time line, is just incredible. It even allows to take a counter trade from the trend line away on the next bar. This with the ART Pyramids: super!!!  Have a great day and trade well. Thank you so much."

Kindest regards,

Luc H., Etterbeek-Brussels, Belgium

August 2014


"Hello - Just my review. It is an excellent course [Optimum Trading Psychology Online Course] the videos and the materials. Very good product."

BR, Ziad H., Springfield Gardens, New York

August, 2014


"Good morning, Bennett.

It is an amazing tool (TrendLine Master -TLM): the way that most of the times the price kicks back from the longer time line, is just incredible. It even allows to take a counter trade from the trend line away on the next bar. This with the ART Pyramids: super!!!  Have a great day and trade well. Thank you so much."

Kindest regards,

Luc H., Etterbeek-Brussels, Belgium

August 2014


"Hey done with garden duties today just in time to make enough in the E-mini to cover the cost of all the ART Software and indicators."

Steven B., Indiana

July 2014


"You are one of the best companies I have ever dealt with. Your products and services are great. God bless you and your family, and although a bit further out, have a very happy Thanks Giving.

Best personal regards."

Medhat I., Giza, Egypt

November 2013


"Just thought I’d send you a note about the success I’ve had with ART system and your Top 10 picks. I started equity momentum/position live trading using ART and Top 10 picks in January of this year. I just completed my 100th trade when SUNE hit its price target this morning. I have doubled my equity trading capital in 11 months. Of particular satisfaction is the fact that of the 100 trades, 6 were my own picks, based on your coaching/training and the ART system and I am at 100% win on those picks! I just wanted to express my appreciation for what you and Jean do. The tools, support and encouragement that TradersCoach provides is outstanding and I look forward to continuing to work with you and to continue to grow as a trader. Thanks and many blessings to you."

Dean J., Olympia, WA USA

November 2013



"This morning as I was watch the Monday Morning Kickoff (subscription service) AMGN was profiled using the ART® Trading System.  

Bennett pointed out that although the stock was up $6 dollars it has the ability to go up another $15 dollars to $126 and above. At the open I bought the 4 Oct 120 calls at $1.25 looking for a sell at $6 dollars for a 5 to 1 trade. Currently trading at $2.16.  Thank you, David Johnson"

David Johnson, Homer Glen, IL USA

August 2013


"Hey Ben, I wanted to again take some time out to sincerely thank you for all you have done for me (and all of your students) over the last four years. I read somewhere that the chance of succeeding in trading for a living is less than for a high school football player to make it to the NFL. I believe this is true as nothing has been as challenging in my life. On the other hand, nothing has been as rewarding. I could never have achieved what I have without you, Jean, and your team. I know I ask for a lot of advice from you and I hope I can get the chance to repay you in some way someday. As you know I have done this all on my own; from managing vehicle manufacturing plants to trading for a living. I ran a few of my roadblocks by you in the past and fought through all of them by sheer discipline and determination. I have religious entry and exit rules and what has really made the difference in the last two years has been learning when to day-trade futures and when to switch hats and swing trade options. Overall, I achieve consistent 3-5% on full capital per month with a 55-60% W/L and a W/L ratio of just less than 2:1.  Thanks again and as always it goes without saying that whatever direction you can point me in, I will be an “ART disciple” for the rest of my career and will never be able to praise your work enough. Sincerely, Keith"

Keith M., Waretown, NJ USA

August 2013


"BEN, I LOVE YA MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've never experienced something as wonderful as this!!!!"

Mark B., Renton, WA USA

July 2013


"You've got a knack for picking Telco’s about to be acquired that is. AT&T to acquire them for $15/share and jumped to ~$17 after hours. You’ve had this on watch list since March and got us in at $6.12. Nice! I was actually holding this security in my wife’s SEP account. She was thrilled to see the gain in her account and has a new appreciation of ART and trading.

Anyway, good pick. Thanks!"

Dean J., Olympia, WA USA

July 2013


"Bennett, I can't thank you enough for all the work you and MetaStock have done to fix my problem. You guys (and gals?) have taken customer service to a new level. I'm up and running....My deep gratitude, Stan"

Stan Stokes, Asheville, NC USA

June 2013


"I've been tracking all your picks. Right now, although only 37 long stock picks are closed, it resulted in a profit of $86K assuming a risk of 2K on each trade. Amazing!!!..."

Mark B., Renton, WA, USA

May 2013


"The Top 10 picks are amazing! I have been using since the first of the year and have enjoyed a VERY healthy win rate and payoff ratio with them – even with missing some of the really big winners.  The pricing on the Top 10 picks is the best bargain available in the trading world!  Specific picks with a PROVEN track record of phenomenal success are very valuable."

Dean J. Olympia, WA, USA

May 2013


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"Excellent products, they work! Great customer service. You are honest and trustworthy and can be depended upon. Glad I am a part of the Traderscoach family. In for the long haul. Everything is working great."

Bob K., Muncie, IN USA

"Thanks again for the prompt reply. As some positive feedback, I have been taking every trade under the stock and ETF picks since the start of the year and though my execution is slightly different than the picks due to live trading details, I have completed 34 trades with a 65% win rate and 2.07 Profit Factor. Using a fixed dollar risk per trade I have gained 10.48 times the amount I have risked per trade. Those are fantastic results in my opinion, thanks for the great picks!"

Joe B., Shoreview, MN, USA

"It is my pleasure to recommend I’ve enjoyed their leadership, market experience, and products for trading in any market. Their approach is second to none, and when talking about their client’s interest, the level of extended training provided is phenomenal. has my highest recommendation for anyone looking to better themselves from a trading standpoint. You won’t be disappointed."

Arturo M., Marysville, WA USA

January 2018