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Real-Time Market Scanning Trade Confirmations

Use's "Trade Confirmer" to get access to a quote sheet window that has multi-instrument, real-time scanning and analysis of the OWL, PTF, and TLM Indicators on all markets and all time frames!

•   Identify 'bracketed and channeling' markets

•   Turbo-charged quote sheet

•   Rule-based cell coloring and alerting

•   Dynamically sort, rank, and filter

•   Customize the indicator columns

•   Multi-instrument scanning

•   Great for long-term investors

Key scanning features

Get the data you want in the best way that allows you to react quickly to the market. You can customize the scan based on market data, indicator, and trade data columns. You can set up scans to show intraday, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly charts.

Scanning with no limits

"Hello Bennett,  

I have been using your software and the Scanner. Great software."

Kamel Y.

West Milford, CT


See how easy it is to scan for trading and investing  opportunities ...

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Trade Confirmer

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"Excellent products, they work! Great customer service. You are honest and trustworthy and can be depended upon. Glad I am a part of the Traderscoach family. In for the long haul. Everything is working great."


Bob K., Muncie, IN USA

October 2017