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Reduce Your Risk With Money Management Tools wants to make sure you are able to trade efficiently and with the lowest risk. Take advantage of our money management tools to increase profit and lower risk.

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The "Trade Size Calculator" is a money management tool that is ideal for stocks, commodities, futures, forex, and option traders.

Trader's software will allow you to keep professional records of your trades and calculate the most important trade and investment statistics. You will have access to the vital stats that will help you elevate your performance in the market.

"I find this book [A Trader's Money Management System] an eye opener in explaining in simple layman language the money management concepts to prevent risk of ruin. As a novice trader, it has since helped me to control my risks in my trades while learning the other aspects of trading. Otherwise, given my impetuous character, by the time I learnt the ropes and trading mindset needed, would probably have lost all my trading capital.

Thank you Mr. McDowell, this book has saved my day."



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Calculates your Trade Risk Reward & has the Trade Size Calcaultor built in!