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Outside the USA & Canada Call Us: 858-695-0592® Resources® carefully selects the best partners, charting platforms, and , and trading techknolgies so you can be sure you are getting the very best available.  we have been around for a long time and we know who the very best are.

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In addition to finding quality educational trading products and services, you need somewhere to go for sound, objective, and comprehensive one-on-one help with your trading.® was created by a trader that knows what other traders experience in the Markets, both from a psychological standpoint as well as a technical one. We speak your language and our trading products, as well as, our Consultation/Coaching services are designed to give you support, objective feedback, and a realistic approach to trading.


This adds up to a shorter learning curve for you, less money spent on trading products not needed, and guidance towards a sound trading approach with emphasis on risk control and money management. For new traders just starting out, this means learning solid trading skills with less of a chance of "going bust", so to speak, in the Markets. Trading is a profession that takes time to master. With quality guidance and expertise, you can achieve these skills in a shorter time period while preserving your capital.

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7) TradeStation 9.5: Charting Platform & Data Provider.

1) eSignal 12: Charting Platform & Data Provider.

5) NinjaTrader 7:  Provides FREE Charting Platform with FREE end-of-day data. And connects to many data providers & broherage data providers. Real-time data and brokerage serives available.

6) Trade Navigator:  Provides Charting Platform & Data

4) MultiCharts 8 or 9: Provides Charting Platform and connects To many data providers & brokers.

2) MetaTrader 4:  Provides Charting Platform and connects To many data providers & brokers.

3) MetaTrader 5:  Provides Charting Platform and connects To many data providers & brokers.  

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