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Software Solutions For ALL Of Your Trading & Investing Needs

Harness the power of your computer to create the lifetstyle you've always dreamed of right from the comfort of your home.  We'll show you how to do just that with our extensive suite of high tech software tools.

Turbo Scanner Software quickly does the heavy lifting to automaticlly scan the markets in real time to reveal the highest probability opportunities in the market.

ART® Software 

"Hey done with garden duties today just in time to make enough in the E-mini to cover the cost of all the ART Software and indicators."

Steven B.

Elletsville, IN


Turbo Scanner Software

OWL Software

PTF Software

TLM Software

Money Management & Risk Control Software


The ART Software trading and investing system works equally well on all markets and all time frames to deliver high probability entries and exits with effective risk control.

OWL Software measures market dynamics to confirm high probability trades as well as to help identify Elliott wave counts.

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PTF Software determines with a seventy-five percent probability if the trend will continue or not using a red-green-yellow ribbon at the bottom of your chart.

TLM Software is two studies in one since it automatically draws trend lines on your chart and the red-green-yellow ribbon also identifies the direction of the current trend.

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The Trade Size Calculator Software quickly determines the optimum trade size for every trade.  The Traders Assistant Record Keeping Software analyzes your profit, loss, win ratio, payoff ratio, risk-of-ruin and more.

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Trade Confirmer Scanner Software

Use's "Trade Confirmer" to get access to a quote sheet window that has multi-instrument, real-time scanning and analysis of the OWL, PTF, and TLM Indicators on all markets and all time frames!


Elliott Wave Scanner Software

Use's "Elliott Wave Scanner" to get access to a quote sheet window that has multi-instrument, real-time scanning and analysis to find Elliott Wave 3's and Wave 5's on all times and all markets!


ERI Indicator Software

The "Emotional Reader Index (ERI) Indicator identifies Greed & Fear price bars in any market to exploit!

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